People are spending more time online than ever before. Instead of relying on phone books and print ads, many consumers are searching for information about businesses online. No matter what type of business you run, your business needs a website. If you’re ready to purchase a website for your business, Weblytical Solutions is ready to help. We can help your business create a website that will draw in new customers and expand your business’ reach. Below are seven reasons why your business needs a website, followed by some information to help you avoid spending too much on a website.

7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

  1. It adds to your business’ credibility. People, especially in younger generations, trust businesses more when those businesses have an online presence. Even if you’re not doing most of your business online, you need a website to add to your business’ credibility. One study showed that 75% of people judge a business based on their website. This means you don’t just need any website, but a good one. It’s important to have an up-to-date website that works on all sorts of devices. More than half of web users will be viewing your website on a mobile device, so a mobile-responsive site is a necessity.
  2. It helps customers find your business hours and contact information. Customers expect to find your business hours and contact information online. This is especially important if your business has a brick-and-mortar location, since many customers look up business hours before visiting a business.  Your website should also have information to help customers contact you with questions. By listing a phone number, email address, and other contact information, customers can contact you with whichever method is most comfortable. You may also choose to use a “contact us” section on your website, where web users can submit questions through a contact form.
  3. It lets you get the word out about promotions and sales. Your website can give customers important information about promotions and sales. While social media and print ads can help with this, it’s helpful to have all current information on your business’ website. When visitors see up-to-date information on your site, they know that your business is still providing goods or services.
  4. It allows you to compete in an online market. Local businesses used to rely on in-person transactions to thrive. While the bulk of your business may be conducted at your brick-and-mortar location, a website allows you to break into the world of online sales. When you have a website, you can sell products and services online. Your online marketplace can make money, even when your doors are closed. While you probably won’t get big enough to compete with major online retailers, you can still get some added income from online sales.
  5. New customers can discover your business with search engine results. Search engine results can bring in new customers. You don’t need to rely on old-fashioned print mailers to get the word out about your business. When you improve your ranking in search engines like Google, more people will find your business’ website. For example, if you’re an electrician in New York, online users searching “Spokane electrician” should find your business’ name. Locals can find your business and contact information, even if they haven’t heard of you.
  6. It allows customers to do comparison shopping. Many customers like to compare prices and reviews before making a purchase. Whether you sell goods or services, customers will refer to your website to find out information about what you have to offer. If your business doesn’t have any information online, these customers may not consider your business as they shop around.
  7. Modern businesses are expected to have their own websites. People just expect businesses to have websites. There is some amount of suspicion toward businesses that don’t have a website. Because so many businesses already have websites, it’s vital that your business has one, too.

Paying a Fair Price for Your Website

Businesses often pay far too much for their websites. You can easily spend thousands of dollars on a website that isn’t that great. Unless you need a special custom website (for a large corporation, university, or government agency), you don’t need to spend that much on your website. When hiring a company to create your website, choose a business that will provide a great-looking website at a reasonable price. It’s also important to find out how easily the site can be updated, since some websites do not have a user-friendly interface for adding updates down the road.

Weblytical Solutions offers great websites at a bargain price. We build websites for businesses that want to expand their online presence. You’ll save time and money by choosing from over 700 templates. Your logo, colors, and business information will be used to create a great site for your business. Since we use WordPress, it is quick and easy to update your website and add future content yourself. If you’re ready to get started, contact us here